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Near Portland, Maine

First impressions count in everyday life, and arguably even more so when selling a home. Psychologists say that the human brain takes only 7 seconds to make an impression, mostly influenced by nonverbal cues. Because of this, buyers tend to quickly make up their minds, often before even setting foot on a property.

Potential buyers viewing your home will have several first impressions as they move from room to room. It’s important to make sure each one is positive and adds to the overall impact of your home. Factors such as lighting, proper staging, organization, and a cozy and comfortable vibe are all things buyers will consider while taking a closer look at your property.

As a seller, home staging and professional real estate photography services are extremely important to ensure your home stands out to potential buyers online and in person to create an excellent first impression.


Why is home staging & real estate photography important ?

The main goal of staging and real estate photography is to make it easier for potential buyers to visualize your Maine property as their next home. For a property owner, seeing this vision objectively can be understandably difficult. Being accustomed to your own home makes it hard to see changes that could make it function or look better. Many homeowners struggle to depersonalize, declutter, and organize their homes to the level necessary to be attractive to potential buyers. 

Many realtors struggle to understand that staging and photography are about creating a measurable, marketable difference in the perceived value of your home, not about decorating or design.  

What To Expect

When it comes to preparing your home for the market, Sarah offers invaluable assistance in staging and photography, making the entire process easier and more effective.

Leveraging her natural talent and expertise, Sarah specializes in maximizing your home’s first impression. Additionally, she has access to valuable marketing resources through Portside. Whether it’s conducting a thorough walkthrough of your property to identify small staging improvements or connecting you with a professional stager, Sarah will provide guidance on making impactful touches that increase your property’s value and appeal to potential buyers.

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In today’s digital age, the internet plays a crucial role in the home search process. If buyers aren’t captivated by the images they see online, they are likely to move on. Sarah understands what buyers are seeking and possesses the ability to view your home from an outsider’s perspective. By utilizing proper lighting techniques and selecting the most flattering angles, she can produce stunning real estate photography that showcases the finest features of your Southern Maine property.

As your agent, Sarah shares your passion for selling your home and is fully committed to the process. She knows your unique story, your goals, and most importantly, she understands the distinct qualities of your home. Being a local agent, Sarah possesses extensive knowledge of the local demographics, enabling her to assist you in creating a clear staging and photography plan that effectively attracts potential buyers.

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Staging and photography services provide tremendous value during the process of selling your home by:

  • Increasing the impact of your home’s first impression on buyers
  • Helping to create a measurable, marketable difference in the perceived value of your home
  • Producing beautiful, professional photos showcasing your property
  • Accessing valuable marketing resources
  • Using intimate knowledge of the local market and home buyer demographics to attract potential buyers

Get in touch with Sarah to learn more about how she may be able to assist with staging and real estate photography services in Maine.