Sarah Carson

Residential Realtor & Associate Broker At Portside Real Estate Group

Portside Real Estate Group is a locally owned full-service residential real estate agency serving coastal Maine and New Hampshire. Portside provides comprehensive brokerage for all clients. The agency boasts powerful marketing strategies, ranging from maximum online exposure to clean and tasteful print advertising that is carefully crafted with Portside flair. Portside takes pride in client-focused, quality services, backed by the belief that every client deserves their sale to be handled by knowledgeable and professional brokers who understand their needs.

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Portside is dedicated to the well-being of Mainers and is committed to giving back to its community. Portside is committed to giving 1% of gross revenue to Maine’s future through its 1% for Maine initiative, raising over $600,000 for Maine nonprofits.

Their vast connections and knowledge of the industry, coupled with a strong pulse on the Greater Portland real estate market, allow their clients to consistently find success.

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Portside’s 1% For Maine®: Investing in Maine’s Tomorrow

Portside’s 1% For Maine® initiative is dedicated to empowering Maine’s youth and fostering a better world for generations to come. By selling homes in the community, Portside agents gain the privilege of giving back to the communities they call home and work in.

Through the Portside Foundation and the active participation of Portside agents, 1% of top-line revenue is donated on a quarterly basis to local nonprofits addressing systemic issues in Maine. These critical issues encompass education, generational poverty, affordable housing, substance abuse, limited access to medical care, and food insecurity.

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Here’s how it works:

  • A dedicated group of Portside 1% for Maine® board members collaborates closely with the Maine Community Foundation to carefully select grants that align with our quarterly initiatives.
  • When evaluating grants, Portside seeks nonprofits that fully align with the mission of 1% For Maine®.
  • Portside ensures that the grants prioritize diversity and inclusivity while providing sustainable solutions to the multifaceted challenges faced by Maine’s youth.

Since the inception of 1% For Maine®, Portside has raised over $600,000 in funds for Maine nonprofits, making a tangible impact on local communities and supporting their vital work. Together, we are investing in the betterment of Maine, shaping a brighter future for the next generation.

Their vast connections and knowledge of the industry, coupled with a strong pulse on the Greater Portland real estate market, allow their clients to consistently find success.

Why Portside?

Since joining Portside Real Estate Group in 2021 as a solo agent, Sarah has been able to grow her business, establish herself as a listing agent in the greater Portland area, and become a social media expert in the area of real estate. Being a part of the Portside community amplifies Sarah’s abilities as a realtor in many ways. 

From a seller’s perspective, having access to incredible marketing resources allows Sarah to quickly and efficiently attract potential buyers and create buzz about your home. The ability to connect with over 100 agents just at Portside alone gives her the ability to funnel listings to hundreds of potential buyers, possibly finding a buyer before your home even goes to market.

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As a buyer, having a strong network of industry professionals in her corner allows Sarah to find the best deals and use her connections to better negotiate on your behalf while guiding you through the process of buying a home. 

As a strong, community-oriented, local, and woman-owned agency, Portside’s values and standing in the market matter to people when selecting an agent and agency to represent them. Being part of such a widely recognized agency allows her to build better, long-lasting relationships with clients, colleagues, and within her community. Sarah is proud to stand behind the Portside Brand.

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Portside provides multiple outlets for lead generation and partnerships with Leading Real Estate Companies of The World, a global community of over 565 real estate companies, and 136,000 sales associates in over 70 countries. LeadingRE connects agents at Portside with exceptional real estate companies across the country and around the world to help you buy or sell a home out of state. Partnering with LeadingRE has allowed Sarah to advance her business with incoming referrals and assist clients relocating to another state. Leveraging these opportunities allows Sarah to introduce you to a trusted affiliate agent who can provide top-tier real estate services wherever your journey takes you.

When working with Sarah, you’re not only being guided through every stage of the process with an expert on your side, but you’re also part of a community of kind, dynamic, and trusted professionals with your best interests in mind. Sarah’s relationship with Portside Real Estate Group can help create a smooth transaction by:

  • Connecting you with reliable and trustworthy industry professionals
  • Accessing powerful marketing strategies
  • Connecting you to reliable agents across the country and the world 
  • Accessing a circle of over 100 Portside agents
  • Providing superior real estate services